Japan Today: Japanese woman snaps under the stress stabbing several people outside her apartment

The stress living in Japan for Japanese sometimes reaches the point of no return in a society that does not have adequate organizations available for people to seek assistance through stressful circumstances. Then when it is too late they SNAP! These random stabbings happen frequently in Japan, usually with men, but in this case a Japanese woman stabbed several people outside her apartment. The source here is Japan Today, so what better title of a news website on Japan than “Japan Today?” The reason this is being posted here is because the comments below the article are more interesting than the news itself. These stabbings are so common nobody even pays attention any more.

Source: Japan Today

Woman arrested for stabbing 3 people in Chiba

October 19, 2016

Police in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, said Wednesday they have arrested an unemployed 32-year-old woman on suspicion of injuring three people in an apparent random stabbing spree on Tuesday afternoon.

According to police, the suspect, Yumi Uryu, stabbed a 51-year-old man in the back first and then two women, aged 28 and 23, along a sidewalk about 30 meters from her apartment building at around 4:30 p.m. Fuji TV reported that a witness called 110 after seeing a woman lying on the ground, bleeding from a stab wound.

Police found Uryu sitting on the ground at a nearby bus stop, with a carving knife still in her possession after having cut her left wrist. One man said she was staring up into the sky with a blank expression on her face.

The victims, who were stabbed in the stomach and chest, remained in hospital on Wednesday but their wounds are not life-threatening.

Police said Uryu has been speaking incoherently since she was arrested, saying she stabbed people she didn’t know and that she didn’t remember stabbing anyone. She was also quoted as saying she was depressed and wanted to go to a hospital.