Japan salivating at the thought of Donald Trump’s plan for American infrastructure projects

Japan had its ears completely tuned in when Donald Trump mentioned “infrastructure rebuilding in the US”. Japan’s Shinzo Abe called Donald Trump and congratulated him on his presidential win. The Japanese are salivating at the thought of American infrastructure construction projects. Can anyone say “bullet train”, or “high speed rail systems”, or “maglev trains?” This is especially critical for the Japanese considering they lost out on high speed rail construction contracts to China in Indonesia. There has been a lot of media reports of Donald Trump lambasting Japan for not carrying its “fair share” of defense spending, and so to allay fears in the minds of the Japanese people, Shinzo Abe I’m sure has better information on Donald Trump’s plans concerning Japan-American relations compared to what the media has told people what to believe.

Source: UPI

By Elizabeth Shim • November 10, 2016

Shinzo Abe congratulates Donald Trump amid public unease in Japan

The Japanese prime minister prioritized a meeting with Trump during his conversation with the U.S. president-elect

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe exchanged a phone call with Donald Trump on Thursday but Tokyo is treading uncharted waters with the U.S. president-elect. Pool Photo by Cai Yang/UPI | License Photo

TOKYO, Nov. 10 (UPI) — Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe exchanged a phone call with Donald Trump on Thursday congratulating the U.S. president-elect, a sentiment that was not shared by the Japanese public after Trump’s victory announcement.

The Japanese leader and Trump shared a 20-minute phone call during which both sides agreed to strengthen the bilateral alliance, Kyodo news agency reported.

Abe may meet with Trump in New York on Nov. 17, according to the report.

A sense of urgency appeared to prevail in the decision, which was made only a day after the announcement of Trump’s election took the Japanese public by surprise.

According to a survey by the South China Morning Post, 88 percent of Japanese voters preferred Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and only 7 percent of people surveyed said they had a positive impression of Trump.

Those results may reflect Japanese reactions to Trump’s campaign rhetoric regarding U.S. relations with Japan.

In the course of his presidential run, Trump had suggested countries like Japan and South Korea should provide their own defense. He had also said he would not be averse to Tokyo or Seoul developing their own nuclear armament.

Abe is expected to have much to discuss with Trump, who has opposed the finalization of the Trans Pacific Partnership, a free trade agreement among regional partners that would boost trade and economic ties between 12 countries.

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