Seven years ago bitcoin was priced at $.50 a coin; today one bitcoin is worth $714

Years ago when I first heard of bitcoin, I had thought at the time I should probably pick up some when they were selling for around if I remember correctly, $.40 or $.50 a bitcoin. At the time, I thought what kind of geeky idea is this? Digital currency? Cryptocurrency? Come on, give me a break, how can digital currency be of any value? I made a major mistake even though I was so close to buying bitcoin around seven years ago. Here is a story from a friend of mine in Austria on what I missed: Once upon a time…

…there was a broke college kid in Oslo Norway who was doing a thesis paper on encryption in 2009 who came across Bitcoin by accident. He decided to purchase $26 in bitcoin and kept those bitcoins in his eWallet and completely forgot about them.

Four years later after hearing about bitcoin on the news and it’s meteoric rise in value, he scrambled to find his password into his eWallet so he could retrieve his one-time $26 purchase of bitcoins 4 years earlier. After days of searching into his old email accounts, he finally found the password.

When he logged in – he literally couldn’t believe what he was seeing! He found that his initial one-time purchase of $26 in bitcoin 4 years earlier was now worth over $800,000! He then took $200,000 of that and purchased a brand new apartment in one of the richest districts in Oslo.

Don’t delay any longer like I did. My bitcoin account now is over $60 and is increasing by between 0.00040000 and 0.00050000 a day. Once you come to realize the significance of blockchain technology and crytpocurrrencies like bitcoin, every second wasted is another potential opportunity lost.

Cryptocurrency mining is going to become extremely lucrative for those who get in now. And if you do get involved, make absolutely certain the company you go with has mining equipment installed and running before you invest. There are more and more ATMs being installed to either deposit or withdraw currencies for bitcoin.

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