Russia-Japan negotiations as Russia positions anti-ship missiles on the Kuril islands

It probably won’t be anytime soon that Russia hands the Kuril islands back over to Japan as Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s official visit to Tokyo is scheduled for mid-December. Russia has just stationed anti-ship missiles on the Kuril islands to deter the continuing Anglo-American military encirclement of Russia and China especially America’s THAAD system being deployed to South Korea. What is also interesting is an interview given by Japan’s previous PM Yukio Hatoyama with of RT News on November 4, 2016 Stationing American troops in Japan will lead to bloody tragedy – ex-PM of Japan. Why is Yukio Hatoyama being used to give Japan’s position on the Kuril islands? Is this because the Japanese government doesn’t want to be seen as “officially” being behind increased calls for the American military to leave Japan including from Okinawa? It isn’t likely the Russians will find it too enthusiastically the American military buildup in the Pacific as well as Japan’s remilitarization without taking military precautions themselves.

Source: RT News

Russia deploys newest anti-ship missiles to Kuril Islands

November 22, 2016

The Bal coastal missile system © Vitaliy Ankov / Sputnik

The Russian Pacific Fleet has installed batteries of anti-ship missiles at its bases on the Kuril Islands, ensuring effective protection from landing operations and carrier-based aircraft strikes.

The Boyevaya Vakhta (Combat Watch) newspaper of the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet reports that the Kurils Navy Base has received the Bal and Bastion missile complexes (NATO code names Sennight and Stooge) and is preparing to conduct training launches in the nearest future.

Russia’s naval command earlier disclosed the plans to put the most modern and effective anti-ship weapons on the Kuril Islands in order to strengthen the protection of the Russian border in this region.

The Bastion complex is a mobile launch system for the supersonic Onyx missile that can destroy surface ships and land-based targets in a 600km radius. The Bal complex carries the X-35 anti-ship missile with an effective range of 120km.

The Kuril Islands have been a bone of contention between Russia and Japan since the end of World War II, when a vague reparations agreement allowed Tokyo to claim that the Soviet Union should give back at least part of the archipelago, received as part of the post-war settlement. The Soviet Union insisted its sovereignty extended to the whole island chain – a position the Russian Federation has continued to take.

Japan sees the issue as significant and extremely politically-charged. In recent years, Japanese nationalists have marked September 7 as Northern Territories Day, according to the local name for the islands, and the country’s diplomats routinely protest when Russian officials visit the archipelago. Russia, however, has always insisted that any change in the status of the Kurils would mean a reassessment of the results of World War II, which is expressly banned by international treaties.

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