Gambling will shortly become “the law of the rising sun” in Japan

A new vice is about to be legalized in Japan and usually the reason for legalized gambling is to bring in more taxes to counter increasing costs of operating governments. This will be the case in Japan as Japanese law makers will probably approve this bill to legalize gambling. Once the law goes into effect, it will probably be within a year we will see gambling joints spring up around Tokyo. Since this will be completely new to Japan it will be worth observing how this legalized gambling effects the Japanese. Another reason I suspect for legalized gambling is to draw in revenue from foreign tourists especially Chinese considering an estimated 2 million tourists visit Japan yearly. What kind of social fallout will we see with Japan experimenting with gambling in the coming years? A woman representing families across Japan, submitted signatures yesterday to Japanese law makers rejecting the idea that gambling become legal in Japan.

Source: Japan Today

Legalized gambling likely to hit young adults the hardest

December 6, 2016

TOKYO — On Tuesday, the Diet’s House of Representatives will vote on an LDP-backed bill that proposes to legalize casino gambling in Japan. If it passes, the bill is likely to be rubber-stamped by the House of Councillors and soon become the law of the land.

Once that happens, how long will it take, Nikkan Gendai (Dec 6) wonders, before we see the emergence of “casino homeless”?

“Overseas, gambling addiction has become a serious social problem,” explains a source who is familiar with casinos. “In South Korea in 2000, the Kangwon Land casino that was previously only open to foreign visitors was also opened to locals. In the area adjacent to the resort, now pawnshops can be seen all over the place, and several hundred people who had lost everything they had to gambling are said to be living on the streets.

“Four years ago the Macao government moved to raise the minimum age restriction at its casinos from 18 to 21, and casinos in other places have been cracking down as well,” he added.

The main concern is that young adults, who have yet to develop an “immunity” to gambling, will be most vulnerable. A research group operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare believes some 5.36 million Japanese have shown susceptibility to gambling addition, and of these some 1.88 million—roughly 40%—are in their 20s and 30s.

Which is why concerns have arisen that following the opening of casinos, the numbers of penniless “young homeless” will surge.

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