Nuclear reactors in Sendai brought back online while Fukushima receives $123 billion interest-free loan

The nuclear reactors in Sendai were apparently brought back online yesterday signalling the beginning of Japan bringing back online some of its nuclear reactors. Sort of wondering that perhaps the reason for this has to do with the announcement yesterday,  that the operator of the nuclear plants in Fukushima TEPCO, will receive an interest free loan limited to $123 billion from Tokyo. This means that it is likely electric prices will go up for TEPCO customers to offset this interest-free loan. Even though the earthquake this past April affected the reactors in Sendai, this hasn’t stopped the operator from bringing these reactors back online.

Source: Sputnik

Japan to Restart Sendai Nuclear Power’s First Reactor on Thursday

December 8, 2016

Japan is expected to restart on December 8 the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant’s (NPP) Reactor Number 1 that has been taken offline earlier in the year, local media reported Wednesday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — In October, the Kyushu Electric Power Company took the first reactor of the NPP offline to conduct additional safety inspections, as the facility is located in a seismic zone, which was affected by earthquakes in April.

The operator of the NPP located in the southern country’s Kagoshima prefecture will restart the reactor if no problems are detected, according to the NHK broadcaster.

The inspections are expected to continue after the restart and would last until January 6, 2017, the news outlet added.

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