Observe how Japan will react to President-elect Donald Trump driving a stake through the “global warming” scam

This is probably some better news coming out of President-elect Donald Trump’s circle with plans to drive a stake through the heart of global warming. Most of us who have been interested in this controversial topic for years have always known it was essentially bullshit. The author of this article is Jim Ball (his book The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science is worth reading) and have followed his work on global warming for years. It is good to see Tim Ball vindicated after all these years. It is going to be interesting to see how Japan will react to this news on global warming being sidelined by President-elect Trump considering Japan has always been behind “global warming” ever since the Kyoto Protocols.

Source: Watts Up With That?

Trump Induced Panic Exposes Media Bias and Ignorance of Climate

Guest Blogger / 2 days ago December 6, 2016

Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball

An article in the Huffington Post titled “Crooked science finds a friend in Trump” is an attempt to counter the exposure of the global warming deception that will occur with the new President. All it does is expose the willful ignorance of the author and by association the publisher. It also reflects similar activities in the deliberate deception about global warming. The opening statement of the article is sufficient exposure.

“From the same people who told you that cigarettes were perfectly healthy: Mercury in our food is just fine, too. Smog in the air? No problem. To top it off — we don’t need to do a thing about climate pollution, either. And let’s just get rid of NASA’s world class research on our own dear earth’s systems. Who needs it?”

It is not the same people who said tobacco was healthy. This is an apparent reference to the early attempt to link Fred Singer to the tobacco industry. Fred wrote a critical review of the terrible research in the original article claiming to link cancer to second-hand smoke. His review was later supported by others. Environmentalists used to claim Fred was paid by the tobacco companies and in favor of smoking. In fact, Fred has always actively and openly opposed smoking. The real story is that misuse of evidence or misrepresenting what was actually said is apparently acceptable in the campaign to silence global warming skeptics and latterly climate change deniers.

The mercury and smog references are similar and typical unsubstantiated references whose only purpose is to raise fears and distract from the truth. CO2 is not a pollutant but a necessary gas for the survival of plants and animals. The truth was always available, but deliberately suppressed. The author would avoid such misrepresentations with due diligence, but that was apparently overridden by a political bias. Now the complete story will be told by the Trump administration and the exploitation of climate for a political agenda will end. All the massive funding going to bureaucrats and environmental groups will cease. Their moral high ground will be gone and the ordinary people who looked right through the media and voted for Trump, will see the extent of the lying and deception. I know they had their suspicions because many told me after presentations, but now they will be confirmed. They will be very angry and my major concern is that they don’t totally reject the necessary concept of environmentalism. The lies and deceptions promulgated in the Huffington Post article and thousands like them over the last 40 years may result in self-proclaimed environmentalists destroying environmentalism.

Please go to Watts Up With That? to read the entire article.

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