JAXA goes fishing for space junk after launching a Kounotori 6 satellite last Friday

How many people were aware Japan launched a rocket last Friday carrying a satellite payload sent into orbit to direct space junk towards Earth’s atmosphere where the junk it is thought will be incinerated? Japan’s space agency (JAXA) successfully launched a Kounotori 6 (HTV-6) spacecraft that will deliver a large magnetic tether, made from thin wires of stainless steel and aluminum. The tether attached to the Kounotori 6 satellite is designed to redirect space junk towards Earth’s atmosphere.

“Electrodynamic tether (EDT), an advanced high-efficiency propulsion system, is a promising candidate to deorbit the debris objects at low cost,” JAXA said.

When the satellite is positioned in orbit, the satellite is set to perform Kounotori Integrated Tether Experiments (KITE) in order to test out the new technology designed by JAXA engineers in collaboration with Nitto Seimo Co., a Japanese fishing net company. Fishing for space junk.

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