Japan’s corporate slave drivers have been saying they would “address any overwork issues” for years

There is really little doubt that corporate slavery is part of existence in Japan and no better example of that is the largest advertising company in Dentsu Inc.. Dentsu Inc. has been criticized repeatedly over the years for overworking its employees over the years. The corporate mentality in Japan hasn’t really changed much over the years despite what many corporate CEOs have suggested: “Corporations would take steps to address any overwork issues.” These corporate slave drivers have been saying that for the past 30 years if not longer. As the mercantile state of Japan continues to strive for markets outside of Japan because of Japan’s shrinking population, the harder Japanese people will find themselves working to compete.

Source: BBC

Dentsu offices raided amid overwork investigation

November 7, 2016

The company says it is taking steps to address any overwork issues

Several offices of Japan’s biggest advertising agency have been raided over suspicions its employees are being made to work excessive hours.

The raids come after the suicide of a 24-year-old Dentsu employee – the labour ministry ruled it to have been “karoshi”, or death by overwork.

Dozens of ministry officials entered Dentsu’s Tokyo headquarters early on Monday morning, said broadcaster NHK.

Raids were also carried out on offices in Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya.

The Tokyo offices have already been raided once, in October.

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