Central bank establishment and a little history of the Japanese royal family beginning with Mutsuhito

The following is a part of an email dialogue I am having on the history of the Japanese imperial family, a subject that has always fascinated me. A Chinese man by the name of Zhang Shengzhi, a man who claims (and provides documentation to back his claim) to be a heir to the Manchu throne says: “The mother of the Meiji Emperor was a Hapsburg princess who was also a renowned photographer.” Uchida Kuichi was a pioneering Japanese photographer from Nagasaki who took photographs of the Meiji Emperor so this might have been how the Meiji Emperor’s mother first became interested in photography.

The mother of the Meiji Emperor was Nakayama Yoshiko who was a concubine. It would be very difficult to try and determine how she was placed where she was as a concubine in the royal household. Her alleged father was Nakayama Tadayasu who received the rare Order of the Chrysanthemum established by the Meiji Emperor. Japanese do not receive this distinguished order unless they have done something extraordinary. Could that have been getting the mother of the Meiji Emperor into Japan if in fact she was partly from the Hapsburg dynasty to serve the Japanese royal family?

Just supposition but certainly intriguing. I also find it fascinating the the Meiji Emperor studied, or at least listened to lectures on the Code of Hammurabi. How best to westernize Japan: Study the Code of Hammurabi and then have a female of the Hapsburg dynasty brought to Japan as a “concubine” to marry into the royal family? The Code of Hammurabi contains laws pertaining to the “taking of concubines.”

Mother of the Meiji Emperor, Nakayama Yoshiko (concubine) possibly from the Hapsburg dynasty?

Mother of the Meiji Emperor, Nakayama Yoshiko (concubine) possibly from the Hapsburg dynasty?

A cousin of the Japanese emperor says this claim is “likely to be true because there were many Jews in the town where the Meiji Emperor (Meiji Tennō; Mutsuhito) came from.” Since the Hapsburgs claim to be descended from the Caesars, as do the heads of the P2 lodge in Italy, which I have studied extensively, this would mean Japan has been a Roman colony since the Meiji era with the Japanese imperial family being used as proxy rulers. The Hapsburgs were part of the Roman empire and banking was their specialty.

Zhang, who was mentioned in the May 5th, 2015 edition of a newsletter mentioned to me, says: “He provided the Japanese government with documents proving his claim that he was the rightful heir to the gold that was used to set up the Bank of Japan [BoJ].” The Bank of Japan coincidentally was set up in 1871, which is the exact same year the United States Corporation was formed converting that government to a private corporation. “The Japanese government did not openly dispute his claim apparently,” he says. However, after he presented the documents he was beaten up by three thugs and then arrested. He was held for 23 days, the maximum time a person can be held in Japan without charges being laid, and was then forcibly confined in Tokyo’s Musashi Mental hospital. Zhang Shengzhi was finally able to get out “after sympathetic doctors, who could tell he was not insane, allowed him to check himself out,” he says.

Zhang, the Showa Emperors’ cousin and many other sources (trying to establish verification), also claim the current emperor of Japan is not from the Japanese royal family. If that is the case, then the right to issue Japanese yen and the Bank of Japan are based on nothing but fraud. This all sounds a little preposterous without documentation, but since I am fascinated by Japan’s actual lineage of its royal family, am willing to get criticized until documentation starts to appear. Considering the above this is how countries are targeted by royal lineages by working out through secret negotiations and agreements on marrying off a female or a male into royal lineages, in this case the Hapsburg dynasty somehow being able to get one of their bloodline females into Japan for the Meiji Restoration (westernization) just before the pirate Commodore Perry shows up and starts firing canon balls into the shoreline in Kanogawa.