70 years of pacifism are over as Japan picks up the mantle of militarism

It appears to be “all quite on the Japanese front with China” for now, however Japan just began its whopping $44 billion military buildup to compensate for the U.S. slowly retracting its military influence in the Pacific starting with a large tract of land being returned to Japan in Okinawa. The Japanese government last Thursday “celebrated the return to Japan by the U.S. military of the largest tract of land on Okinawa in over 30 years.” This happened just after a U.S. Marine Osprey MV-22 aircraft crash landed on the shoreline in Okinawa. Japan from this point forward will become more responsible for its own defense as China slowly moves into the South China Sea pushing Vietnam and the Philippines out. There seems to be large gas and oil reserves in that area of the ocean and looks as though China has its eyes on those resources. Included in that $44 billion “defense” outlay are plans for advanced submarines.

Source: Zero Hedge

December 23, 2016

By Tyler Durden

Quiet Since WWII, Japan Begins $44 Billion Re-Militarization To Confront China

The days of post-World War II pacifism in Japan are more or less over.

The Japanese government has announced it will bolster its coast guard capabilities to defend disputed islands in the East China Sea. China also claims and regularly patrols these islands. The coast guard budget is expected to reach a record of 210 billion yen (approximately $1.8 billion), adding eight new ships and more than 200 law enforcement officials.

Japan’s government also just approved a record defense budget of 5.1 trillion yen (approximately $44 billion), with a focus on China and North Korea. The budget is set to include six new submarines equipped with improved sensor technology, which is to be used to deter the challenges presented by the Chinese. The increased funds will also go toward an upgraded missile defense system.

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