Another Japanese girl gets taken out by a foreigner this time a Chilean man

Another murder of a Japanese girl took place last year December 5, 2016 in France where her alleged murderer, a Chilean man followed her to Besançon, France killing her in her school dormitory room. The French police have put out an international arrest warrant through INTERPOL for the murder suspect in the disappearance and now suspected murder of Narumi Kurosaki. The two met at Tsukuba University, and after Narumi Kurosaki ended the relationship, the Chilean man it was mentioned by the media refused to resign to the fact the relationship was over.

Narumi Kurosaki

Narumi Kurosaki

After Narumi Kurosaki went to France to study French, the Chilean man apparently followed her to France,  then after having dinner together, somehow was able to get back to her school dormitory room where it is now concluded by French authorities he murdered her. Narumi Kursaki must have been surprised this Chilean guy shows up in France especially at her school.  If they separated in Japan at Tsukuba University, it looks as though this guy couldn’t deal with the fact she wanted the relationship to end. Imagine this guy getting on an airplane to France to go see Narumi Kurasaki? Did he go to France to murder her, which I doubt, or did he go there to try and find reconciliation in the relationship even though she apparently had a new boyfriend? This guy might have murdered her in a fit of rage knowing she didn’t want to see him anymore. Did Narumi Kurasaki know this Chilean man intended on visiting France?

Chilean man now an international criminal suspect wanted in France

Chilean man now an international murder suspect wanted in France for questioning in the murder of Narumi Kurosaki

What a shocking waste of this beautiful young 21 year-old Japanese girl’s life when she had everything to look forward to? It will be worth noting why this Chilean man, if in fact it turns out he murdered Narumi Kurosaki, would murder this young girl? Why would he deprive her of her life if he didn’t want to possess her like some kind of a physical object if she wanted to end the relationship? The murder suspect according to French authorities departed France and went back to Chile. An international arrest warrant has been issued and French and I would assume Japanese authorities, are working with Chilean authorities to locate the murder suspect.


2 thoughts on “Another Japanese girl gets taken out by a foreigner this time a Chilean man

  1. How you know that he killed her? She’s beautiful, indeed, she is really pretty, but, why everything points that he killed her, it couldn’t be another person? I’m supporting justice, I work in a Court of Justice in Chile, so if you don’t have a clue, why do we have to point him? what if she is hiding from something?

    • It might be another person who murdered her – let’s see where the investigation goes. However, from what I’ve read all the evidence points to him. There are many clues: He followed her to France; their relationship ended in Japan at Tsukuba; he immediately left France; his DNA located in her room which hasn’t been revealed by investigators yet?

      If he didn’t kill her why doesn’t he appear and clear his name?

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