The “white hats” operating in Syria is a front organization disguised as a “humanitarian organization”

An international criminal conspiracy to attack then destabilize Syria started in March, 2011 with some estimates suggesting upwards of 470,000 people (nobody really has accurate figures) have been killed with millions of Syrians internally displaced and many more forced out of Syria into Jordan and Turkey where large refugee camps have been set up. An organization has come to light recently allegedly providing first aid and humanitarian assistance to Syrians caught in the bombing and fighting in Syrian cities including in Aleppo.

The first time I started looking at news clips of this organization known now as the “white hats” operating in Syria, knowing what I do about the level of criminality behind oil, gas, pipelines and weapons, I instinctively knew the “white hats” operating in Syria under the banner of “charity”, were a front organization. The “white hats” were organized by an ex-British military officer named James Le Mesurier who specializes in outsourcing warfare. Watch the following video to understand completely how the “white hats” (The Mask of Terror) are cynically used in Syria as a weapon more than as a humanitarian organization. What better way is there to disguise a military operation against the Syrian government than calling it a “humanitarian organization” to be shown to the world?