China making attempts to bring North Korea to heel in 2017

Interesting news coming from different sources including the Russian Sputnik and from several other sources reporting on China, that a “decapitation move” is in the works on North Korea. While China and Russia as well as Japan and Russia, and maybe the US and Japan, are inking large infrastructure and business projects, North Korea seems to be the antagonistic little bitch in the region allegedly testing two nuclear devices in recent months. In 2017, are we going to see attempts by China to bring North Korea under control by destabilizing its government?

Source: Sputnik

China Plots ‘Decapitation’ Strike on Kim Jong-Un Regime in North Korea – Reports

A leading Chinese professor Zhe Sun said at a security forum in Washington that Beijing has already begun contemplating ‘decapitation’ strikes against the dictatorship in North Korea after Kim Jong-Un’s regime conducted two nuclear tests in less than a month.

According to a report by the Korea Times, Professor Zhe Sun told a security forum in Washington that Chinese leaders are debating the best way to deal with an increasingly unhinged North Korean regime that has escalated its march towards fielding a nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile capable of striking the mainland United States.

“Some Chinese scholars and policy makers began to talk about supporting ‘surgical strikes’ and decapitation’ by the US and South Korea as one policy option,” said the esteemed professor. “More radical proposals indicate that China should change the leader, send troops across borders and station in DPRK, force DPRK into giving up nuclear and beginning opening up and reforming.”

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