Crane falls on nuclear plant in Takahama and fire erupts at oil refinery in Arida, Japan

A couple of days ago, a construction crane collapsed on nuclear unit #2 where a spent nuclear fuel pool is located at the Takahama nuclear power plant (NPP) in Aichi, Prefecture owned by Kansai Electric Power.  A large crane came crashing down on the reactor apparently because of a strong gust of wind. And now yesterday,  at an oil refinery in Arida, Japan flames erupted in an oil refinery inside a section of the plant where oil is refined. The refinery is owned by the Tonen General Group, and has the capacity to process 132,000 barrels of crude per day. The plant produces gasoline, kerosene and benzene. Japanese authorities have evacuated 2,900 residence in the area for fear the fire would spread to other locations inside the refinery and do not know the cause of the flames at this point.