People who are stopped for speeding violations in Japan invested with this company are becoming wealthy

Over the years I have personally discovered if you want to establish a profitable financial portfolio, your chances are significantly increased by placing your money with a British company. What does this have to do with the title of this post? Well, a British technology company has opened its portfolio to worldwide investors including Japanese investors. This company with private capital controls speed limits on the roads of public use across the UK with the most modern technological equipment. Despite the very high fines stipulated in the UK for speeding – the number of speeding violations is growing every year, because of the continuing growth in the number of cars. The average speeding fine in the UK is currently £100. That would be roughly ¥14,214 at today’s exchange rate. That’s some substantial change being taken in daily in the UK – all with technology including cameras and images.

This UK-based company is helping to control the driving circumstances on the road by recording with sophisticated radar all violations related to excessive speed. This company has signed a contract with the UK government and are receiving compensation in the amount of 40% of the total amount of speeding fines. Anyone in Japan who drives knows that Japanese police make a large profit on traffic violations and their licensing system. In fact, at one speed trap at an underpass, we calculated based on the number of cars we counted that were easily pulled over, Japanese police made what we guessed to have been around ¥300,000 while we were observing out of curiosity for over six hours. It’s easy money for the state and that was just one speed trap. Tax revenue derived from traffic violations in Japan is a staggering ¥77 billion a year.

Great Britain is a country with one of the highest economic growth rates in the world. That’s no joke. I am invested with several UK-based companies and returns are stable and long term. In the UK constant reconstruction of existing roads as well as annual construction of new highways and roads constantly improve transport logistics and increase the economic benefit from the use of vehicles in all areas of the UK economy. In the UK, this company has earned an astonishing $149,438,555 from its share on speeding tickets. So if you want to speed go ahead, just be careful, while knowing more technology will be required in the future to monitor roads. I’ve started building a portfolio with this company as well as many Japanese people who over the coming years are going to build substantial portfolios through direct investment with this UK-based technology company. I also think that what is going to eventually occur, is that people will be able to pay their speeding tickets in the crytpocurrency bitcoin. Name and details of this company are being withheld.