Kiremeki-1 military satellite damaged in transport with Kiremeki-2 launched two days ago

That H-IIA carrier rocket launched off the pad the other day from the Tanegashima Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan was carrying the Kirameki-2 military communications satellite. The satellite is a DSN-2 X-Band communications satellite to be used for Japan’s military communications requirements. This is a first for Japan as Japan continues to pick up more of its own military responsibilities for protecting its economic interests around the world. DSN Corporation is owned by SKY Perfect JSAT Group, NEC and NTT Com. DSN Corporation was founded to act as an investment vehicle in Japan’s private finance initiative that would handle the Japanese military X-band DSN satellite network. The X-band is a segment of the microwave radio region of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is similar to the Ku-Band used on civilian airliners which of course is far more susceptible to being hacked into.

The Kirameki-2 satellite is one of three military-oriented satellites Japan has engineered that will replace three civilian analogues that are currently used by the Japanese military. The new ones are designed to improve communications infrastructure via providing a direct high-speed link between Japan’s naval assets, ground forces and air assets. The Kiremeki-1 satellite never made it into orbit. When is was being transported to the Tanegashima Space Center for launch into orbit, the satellite was damaged en-route and had to be brought back to the manufacturing plant for repairs. The Kiremeki-1 is expected to be put into orbit in 2018. Must have been some seriously expensive damage to the Kiremeki-1 in the accident? The Kiremeki-3 is expected to be launched in 2021.