Millions of Japanese Facebook users and visitors to Hawaii patronize Zuckerberg’s neocolonialism

Why anyone would use Facebook is beyond my ability to comprehend unless you want to sell products, but even then why give the Silicon mafia and Mark Zuckerberg your hard earned money? Mark Zuckerberg who is an intelligence cut out like so many of these people in the tech industry including Elon Musk and probably Steve Job (who thinks of these names?), took $100 million of his fortune and purchased a 700-acre property in Kauai, Hawaii. Then if this wasn’t enough, Zuckerberg’s lawyers filed lawsuits against hundreds of Hawaiians who may own an interest in small parcels within the boundaries of Zuckerberg’s estate.

Hawaii was stolen by the U.S. Corporation and now Zuckerberg is the “new face of neocolonialism”. My advice readers, is if you have a Facebutt, sorry, I mean, Facebook account, delete it and take your time – and money – to better social media platforms like And if you are Japanese this is especially important because you patronize Hawaii with millions of visits to Hawaii yearly and you also populate Facebook with boringly repetitive images of sexy young Japanese babes and food.



Soren Dreier

Hawaiians: Mark Zuckerberg ‘The Face of Neocolonialism’

January 23, 2017

Author: Jon Letman

A few days after Christmas, Mark Zuckerberg shared a series of photographs of his family at their $100m, 700-acre property in Kauai. The Facebook CEO and his wife “fell in love with the community and the cloudy green mountains”, he wrote, and decided to “plant roots and join the community ourselves”.

Two days later, Zuckerberg’s lawyers filed lawsuits against hundreds of Hawaiians who may own an interest in small parcels within the boundaries of Zuckerberg’s estate. The “quiet title” suits, first reported by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, are used to clarify the often complicated history of land ownership in Hawaii and can result in owners being forced to sell their land at auction. In some cases, defendants are even required to pay the legal fees of the plaintiff – in this case, the world’s fifth richest man.

Zuckerberg’s lawsuits have prompted a backlash from locals who place the billionaire within a long, painful history of western conquest and Native Hawaiian dispossession.

“This is the face of neocolonialism,” said Kapua Sproat, a law professor at the University of Hawaii who is originally from Kauai. “Even though a forced sale may not physically displace people, it’s the last nail in the coffin of separating us from the land.”

“For us, as Native Hawaiians, the land is an ancestor. It’s a grandparent,” she added. “You just don’t sell your grandmother.”

Kauai, known as the Garden Island, has long been a favorite playground of holidaymakers, Hollywood film-makers and millionaires on their second or third homes. The vine-choked forests, plunging waterfalls and broad sand beaches have served as the backdrops for films including Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean while the laid-back rural cool and mellow tropical vibe has attracted rock stars, celebrities and at least one Russian billionaire.

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