Zuckerberg Phenomenon: Multinational corporation moves into Hawaii, kicks out locals, builds a fence and puts in security guards

Facebook “founder” (in quotes because Zuckerberg didn’t find anything) two years ago, purchased 700 acres of land in Hawaii for $100 million therefore extending the continuity of neocolonialism on the occupied Pacific Kingdom of Hawaii. The occupied kingdom was forced into statehood under such suspect circumstances that even the U.S. Congress apologized for this forced statehood. Eight acres remain the property of eight Hawaiian families that is part of the 700 acres purchased by Zuckerberg. These eight families won rights to this property under the Kuleana Act of 1850. Regardless of Zuckerberg’s intentions, which can be read off Facebook (copy & pasted by someone bitching about my recent post), this is what neocolonialism does: Comes in with large amounts of money, kicks out the locals (Hawaiians never defined their existence under western concepts of law that were imposed on them), buys them out, builds a fence around what a multinational corporation now “owns”, puts in security guards to keep locals out, and brings in lawyers to settle the differences. Litigation with multinational corporations like Facebook are not subject to national laws which places the Hawaiians who own parcels of this property at an acute disadvantage.

HawaiiWhat Zuckerberg’s lawyers are trying to do is dismantle the The Kuleana Act of 1850 which gave Hawaiians fee simple titles and free commutation of their land that was inside the 700 acres Zuckerberg purchased, and is now preventing locals from accessing their property by having a large 6ft high fence erected around the property. So instead of building bridges, Zuckerberg is building walls in Hawaii despite him suggesting he wanted to preserve local culture and wildlife. Right, a nature preserve for the extremely wealthy, all interlopers not welcome. This is what happens when enormous wealth is controlled by these predetermined elite running these tech companies originated in Silcon Valley. Zuckerberg has even suggested he would consider running for U.S. president at some point and has stated openly he disagrees with the U.S. President Donald Trump’s position on Muslim immigration. What difference should it make to Zuckerberg on Muslim immigration into the U.S. when Zuckerberg can retreat to a $100 million 700 acre private retreat on Hawaii? Then the question appears: What is Mark Zuckerberg preparing for?