Japan and America on Muslim immigration policy and finally a competent US president

Only in America can a newly elected president be accused of being a “Nazi”, a “fascist”, a “right wing extremist”, a “sexist”, a “women hater” and an “abuser”, in regard to his decision among other reasons, to fire the US acting Attorney General (AG) Sally Yates, and the head of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Daniel Ragsdale.  This comes immediately after Trump signed Executive Orders curtailing immigration, especially Muslim immigration into the US. President Donald Trump has also been accused of being “incompetent” and “incapable” of being the next US president which isn’t really taking into consideration all that is happening inside the Trump administration or why. Japan can have exclusivity by not allowing Muslim immigration into Japan, yet in the US there is a large growing backlash to the incoming Trump Administration when large scale Muslim immigration into the US is being stopped – all within the first eight days of Trump’s new administration?

Well, despite all these labels and epithets being slung his way, it looks as though Trump just shut off Muslim immigration into the US. By any standards of competence, all Trump had to do was make two phone calls and the immigration into the US has stopped. I’m not here to argue one way or another about the advantages and disadvantages of immigration into the US, what is being pointed out is that a competent president has finally just severely constrained Muslim immigration into the US, which will as many are agreeing with, prevent the same problems Europe is presently experiencing with Muslim immigration into European countries. Is it not worth noting the differences between Japan and the United States on immigration policy, of which there have been countless discussions and arguments over the years on why Japan does not allow large scale Muslim immigration into Japan. Japan should be applauded for taking the necessary steps to protect its national self-interests first.