The cost of having anti-Chinese propaganda prepared in the UK for Japan

In order to continue with tensions remaining high between China and Japan, it was revealed by Sputnik, that Japan pays a UK-based think tank to spread anti-Chinese propaganda. The Henry Jackson Society is a UK-based neocon think tank that is heavily involved in British foreign policy and in the media. The society is named after U.S. Congressman Martin “Scoop” Jackson who was a democratic politician and a neocon. Japanese would be interested to learn that Jackson was an “enthusiastic proponent of the campaign to keep Japanese-Americans from returning to the Pacific Coast after the war”. Jackson also supported the Japanese-American internment camps during World War II. The Henry Jackson Society for readers who may be tuned into the “peak oil” scam, also promotes the idea of “fossil fuels”.

"Hey mate, what do you think of those bloody Japanese?"

“Hey mate, what do you think of those bloody Japanese? Heard the Japanese were talkin’ shit about China again.”

Of course without the paid for propaganda by the Japanese, Japan and China wouldn’t have any reason to continue building their weapons and munitions industry now that Japan is militarizing some of its “defense”-related industries and looking for contracts for “defense” purchases from overseas. The British have historically been behind pitting one nation against another, just as today America and Russia are being played off against one another. Can anyone imagine Britain’s ex-Prime Minister David Cameron, in a British pub with China’s Chinese President Xi Jinping, drinking pints of pale ale beer while Cameron is talking shit about the Japanese? That’s how wars get started.

Source: Sputnik

How the Japanese Embassy Pays a UK Think Tank to Spread Anti-Chinese Propaganda

February 2, 2017

The Henry Jackson Society (HJS), a neoconservative UK think tank, is being paid a monthly stipend by the Japanese embassy in London to spread anti-Chinese propaganda – and an academic who has investigated the group has told Sputnik such operations are very much the organization’s reason for being.

Media investigations suggest the HJS is paid a total of US$12,500 per month to spread anti-Chinese propaganda, via the conduit of public figures such as former British Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind.

Rifkind confirmed he had been approached by HJS in August 2016, and asked to put his name to an article titled, “How China could switch off Britain’s lights in a crisis,” which criticized Hinkley C, a UK-Chinese nuclear power station.

The piece claimed there may be a risk of the station having cyber-backdoors built into it by the Chinese, which could present a risk to UK national security. However, Mr. Rifkind claimed he was unaware of the funding HJS received from the Japanese embassy, and said the think tank should have informed him.

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