Chicago has one of the highest shooting rates in America with 341 shootings during January, 2017

The last time Chicago saw such a high murder rate was back during the seventies if I recall correctly with around 900 murders in one of those years. The murder rate dropped significantly and now for the past several years, Chicago has seen disturbingly high murder rates with over 700 shootings in 2016. 2017 looks to be another bumper crop year for shootings in Chicago with so far during just the month of January 341 shootings. Out of those 341 shootings, 56 people were shot dead. The remaining 328 were wounded. All of the shootings involved males with the exception of two females being shot. Ten shootings involved being shot in the ass. The level of stupidity in Chicago doesn’t end there either. Two people were reported to have shot themselves while taking a selfie. The neighborhoods with the most shootings in Chicago are Englewood, Garfield Park and Austin. The most recent shooting in Chicago involved 7 people being shot in one incident with this past weekend’s “Chicago stupidity level” reaching 24 shot with five dead.

US President Donald Trump told Chicago authorities that if they didn’t act to reduce the number of shootings, Trump would send in federal law enforcement. During January, 2016 2 police officers were wounded and 2 police were killed. Statistically, every 2:28 minutes a person is shot in Chicago, and every 14:29 minutes a person is murdered. More than 82% of the shootings in Chicago involve Blacks. There is also some speculation police in Chicago are allowing the shootings to go on. One wonders what the two Fusion Centers located in Illinois with one in Chicago are doing?

There is a very active subculture of Japanese in Chicago involved in schooling, work, music, art and tourism. Really makes people wonder what the Japanese must think if any – probably very few really do – of the number of shootings going on in Chicago? Did some looking around and found that the last census taken in Chicago, there were around 5,600 people of Japanese descent living in the city of Chicago. There are also around 17,000 more people of Japanese descent who live in the Chicago suburbs which are well away from the areas in Chicago where all the shootings and carnage are taking place.