US Department of Defense James Mattis gets harsh with Russia, Iran and China when two-thirds of the US Navy’s air assets can’t fly

The military’s job is to fight wars, and so it goes without saying that without wars generals and the military wouldn’t have jobs. Immediately after the newly appointed US Defense Secretary James Mattis took office, he was sent to Japan by President Donald Trump. Then just as soon as US Defense Secretary James Mattis returns to the US from Japan, Mattis states Iran is “the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world” in his first comments on the country. That idea has been pshed around for years and basically is a lot of Pentagon-generated exaggeration of Iran as well as from Israel. Then if Iran wasn’t looked at as being a big enough threat, Mattis then went after Russia, stating that “Russia was threatening NATO and that the United States would do everything it can to defend itself.” Defend against what? It is the United States and NATO moving men and equipment into eastern Europe including Poland and Lithuania.

It doesn’t stop with Iran and Russia either, Mattis also lashed out at China recently, on China’s moving into the South China Sea as China looks to develop oil and gas deposits. So it is then alright for the United States to destroy Libya, Iraq and now Syria killing millions to develop gas , oil and pipeline infrastructure projects in the region but it is not acceptable for China to do the same in the South China Sea? So while Mattis plays the part of the new US Secretary of Defense with the very real possibility of war with Russia looming over the Ukraine, perhaps Mattis should have his Department of Defense check into air assets he plans on using because it has been suggested that two-thirds of the US Navy’s aerial assets can’t fly. Diplomacy is good Secretary of Defense Mattis, let’s continue that line of reasoning.