Japan’s Shinzo Abe to announce a $150 billion technology infrastructure package including 700,000 jobs in the US

Russia recognized a long time ago that if they were going to develop infrastructure projects in eastern Russia, they would have to work out agreements with Japan. President Trump understanding processes and how money works, unlike his showboat predecessor Obama, has apparently worked out a deal with Japan in which, and get ready for this, 700,000 new US jobs. The total amount of the to be announced investment package is estimated to be around $150 billion. The funds will come from both public and private funds, part of a five part package which will be officially announced on February 10, 2017 when Japan’s Shinzo Abe meets with President Trump in Washington. The technology infrastructure package includes high speed trains, cyber security, communications systems and IT development. President Trump is bringing business back to Washington unlike under the Obama regime who for the past eight years have allowed nothing but asset theft beginning in 2008.