250 Japanese people gather including law scholars (共謀罪反対」250人集会 文化人や法学者ら懸念表明)

It is reassuring that there are groups of concerned Japanese citizens who continue to monitor the Japanese government as it continues to pass laws on what constitutes “terrorism™” in Japan. Japan is following closely behind the United States enacting “security” laws that continue to encroach on what constitutes “criminal charges.” In the United States, criminal charges for “terrorism” can be anything the government (what’s left of it anyway since most of it has been privatized) deems a threat to America’s corporations under “national security.” What people don’t realize are powerful private interests behind governments including the government of Japan. What we see happening in Japan is the control of data bases by private corporations that contract with the Japanese government.

In the United States Americans only see government agencies implementing policy on anything from health care to insurance. That’s not what I see. I see Lockheed Martin and DynCorp controlling the data bases on the private data being collected on Americans including IBM controlling all the data on America’s most recent census. It is moving in the same direction in Japan with private interest groups behind the facade of the Japanese government. Are we seeing where corporations are engineering life to serve these corporations and any public outcry is seen as “criminal?”

Source: Digital

「共謀罪反対」250人集会 文化人や法学者ら懸念表明







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