Russia positions Bastion-P Oniks/Yakhont supersonic cruise missiles on Kamchatka Peninsula

Whatever Japanese negotiators discussed with their Russian counterparts over the fate of the Kuril islands, it is likely most of us will probably never know the actual details other than the islands have not been returned. Within the last week, Russia has now placed the their Bastion-P next-generation mobile coastal defense system in the southern Kamchatka Peninsula. This move on Russia’s part is certainly cause for concern in Japan as the US continues to provoke Russia considering that in recent months, four high level Russian diplomats, the most recent Russia envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin have died. What are the chances of four prominent Russian diplomats dying all within several months of each other? Whatever is presented in the news (weaponized language) is only a partial insight into what is happening inside Russia and Japan. These missiles were the same types of weapons Russia launched off their frigates at ISIS™ targets in Syria last November, 2016 with deadly accuracy.

Source: Sputnik

Message for Tokyo? Russia Deploys Bastion-P Coastal Defense System in Kamchatka

February 22, 2017

Russia has deployed the first battery of its Bastion-P next-generation mobile coastal defense system in the southern Kamchatka Peninsula, Izvestia reports. Experts say the deployment will help protect Russia’s strategic nuclear submarines, and can help send an important message to Tokyo about the on-going Kuril Islands dispute.

On Wednesday, Izevstia reported that the first battery of the Bastion-P costal defense system entered service with the 520th Separate Coastal Missile and Artillery Brigade. The battery is now based in the Yelizovsky District, which runs along the southeastern tip of the peninsula. Navy headquarters told the newspaper that the deployment took place late last year.

Prior to the deployment, the area was defended by the Redoubt coastal defense system, a Soviet-era design developed in the 1960s and produced until the mid-1980s. In the Far East and elsewhere, these mobile systems are now being replaced by the Bastion system, with complete rearmament in the Far East expected to be completed in the near future.

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