In Barcelona you can go screw your brains out with a female sex robot for $127

These types of brothels probably already exist in Tokyo if not inside the apartments of lonely Japanese men, but now in Barcelona, Spain a man can go into a sex robot brothel to screw his brains out with a “female” robot for $127 an hour. What about for females who want to get it on with a “male” robot with a 12 inch fully automated circumcised or non-circumcised fully functional penis of their choice? AI will make these female robots capable of increasing pressure during fellatio after speaking into the female” robots ear: “Harder baby, harder and faster.”

Source: The Huffington Post

Hello, Westworld: Sex Doll Brothel Opens In Barcelona

Industry edges closer to “realistic, robotic” sex partners.

In the first known brothel of its kind, a Barcelona establishment is offering erotic sessions with sex dolls only.

Clients of the “agency” will have to pony up $127 an hour for a sex session with one of four big-breasted Lumi Dolls: blond Kati, Asian-featured Lili, dark-skinned Leiza and anime model Aki, who wears her blue hair in ponytails.

Why sex dolls?

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2017年3月12日(東京都)不動産へ投資。一生、毎日1.5%の利益。毎日、一生の収入は最大1.5%。今すぐサインアップ!最大50%の月額返済で、不動産ビジネスにおける収益性の高い投資をお楽しみください。 5つの簡単なタスクを登録してください。$120を受け取る今日から始める!

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