Japan pledges $13 million for children on the receiving end of Saudi Arabia’s savage resource war on Yemen

Japan has stepped up much to their admiration by providing $13 million in aid to Yemen where Saudi Arabia which is the UK’s proxy in the region, have been for the past three years been trying to destroy the Houthi tribe. The Saudi war on Yemen has killed over 10,000 people, left over 3 million displaced and cost more than $14 billion in economic losses, in one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises outside of the international criminal conspiracy to destroy Syria. The Japanese need to follow that money through the UN to make sure the Americans, British and Saudis don’t walk off with the money to further finance their war against Syria and Yemen.

The reason why Saudi Arabia and to a lesser extent France, want Yemen destroyed is because Saudi Arabia is stealing an alleged 65% of Yemen’s oil in collaboration with the French energy giant Total. As with all energy resource wars, it is inevitably children most often likely to be on the receiving end of the savagery. The munitions being used by the Saudis in Yemen are mostly from UK weapons manufacturers. This aid from Japan is apparently going to assist children in Yemen.

Source: Sputnik

Helping Hand: Japan to Give Over $13 Million in UN Aid to Yemeni Children

March 9, 2017

Japan plans to provide over $13 million in UN-backed humanitarian aid to children in war-torn Yemen.

TOKYO (Sputnik) — The Japanese United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) aid package will be used to fund two projects aimed at improving children’s healthcare, food and education, the NHK channel reported on Thursday.

The agreement was signed by Japanese UN Ambassador Koro Bessho and UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on Wednesday.

The money will be used to improve the lives of some 600,000 Yemeni children, Lake said, as quoted by the broadcaster.

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