Video alleges to show portion of gold bars being recovered as part of Yamashita’s gold

Friend of mine in the Philippines who lives on one of the outlying islands sent me this recent YouTube video the second time first sending it to me last January saying that “Yamashita’s gold had been discovered” and this video was proof. After looking at the video, didn’t pay much attention to it after having read and studied this history over the years. They don’t look like “treasure hunters” to me, they look more like they are members of the Philippine military. The one “treasure hunter” with the military-type haircut is seen cutting what appears to be wiring for explosives. A treasure hunter would know how to cut what appear to be explosives wiring without accidentally blowing themselves up?

Have done several posts on the gold allegedly taken to the Philippines by the Japanese Imperial Army pillaged out of Asia prior to WWII going back for more than 40 years. This gold was secured at over 145 secret locations throughout the Philippines. Several experts have claimed this gold to be fraudulent, saying there is “no evidence of the legendary treasure”. However, this video posted below surfaced that has supported explorers claim to have “found the lost treasure”. The video shows blocks of gold apparently found booby-trapped with explosives.

Does this finding mark the culmination of decades of hearsay over the so-called “Yamashita Treasure”? The treasure is famed as comprising gold bars and gemstones worth tens of billions of dollars purportedly looted by the Japanese Imperial Army. If this video is authentic it certainly doesn’t prove this was all the gold since from the content of the video appears to show only a portion of the total amount of gold bars said to be pillaged by the Japanese Imperial Army. The friend of mine in the Philippines reports to me all the time about what is going on and according to him, Japanese soldiers stole from the loot for their own personal gain and buried it all over the Philippines. Their plans were to return after the war to retrieve their gold but many were taken captive or were killed.