The floor plan of a crappy apartment in Tokyo

Can anyone imagine living in an apartment where the toilet is located immediately as you enter the front door of the apartment? How is that for a crappy location for a toilet? At first thought this was some kind of a mistake but then when the floor plan for the apartment is looked at carefully, the toilet can be seen located directly to the left entering the apartment.

The apartment was apparently constructed in 2015 from the information I read on this “crappy” apartment design. As you walk into the apartment from the outside, the toilet is located immediately to the left. Can anyone imagine having guests over to your “crappy” apartment and as they walk in you ask them: “Would you like to take a crap before coffee is served?” From the outside of the apartment it looks rather nice and convenient with three floors. Or maybe it is best just not to invite friends over.

Looking at the floor plan of this “crappy” apartment it must meet all of the Japanese requirements for efficiency, space and practical utility. It has a nice kitchen counter with sink, stove and shelving. I guess you wash and shave in the morning in the kitchen over breakfast then?