Boycotting WORDPRESS and offering the reason why considering a $100 million lawsuit

The reason I haven’t been around here on WORDPRESS is because it has come to my attention that tens of thousands of independent news sites, like Streisand Effect News (Streisand effect), are being cut off by WORDPRESS if those sites post any news that is “anti-Clinton” or “anti-Obama”. WORDPRESS bosses (Silicon mafia) were the financiers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), yet WORDPRESS promotes itself as a “fair unbiased media engine”. So much for being “fair” and “unbiased.”  After years of work and huge numbers of writer/readers on each of these news sites, these news sites are finding themselves unceremoniously deleted without notice including thousand sand thousands of insightful commentary posted by readers.

With the loss of all of those years of work, it is tragic. In light of this I stand with friends at all of the news sites being affected and encourage a boycott of, and outcry to, WORDPRESS, such as that described in the attached, so that FREE PRESS can still mean just that. Here are some emails from the battle between WordPress’s Sal and Streisand Effect News:

That is not a blog. It is a public news WIKI Like Reddit, Facebook, Voat, or Facebook. The members are allowed to post anything they want as members of the public. We do not allow censorship and we work with EFF, ACLU and public interest law groups to sue companies and their staff who censor. The internet operates by using hyperlinks to add details to all content. Collaborative public editing of articles on our WIKI and millions of other information WIKI’s using WikiPedia and Google docs collaborative editing ensures that all hyperlinks are random. We ran that link through a link checker and no links point to anything commercial except the ads that WORDPRESS put on the bottom of that news WIKI. The internet reports that a “Sal P. | Community Guardian” at WordPress is an active supporter of Hillary Clinton. That is great but we encourage no support of any political candidate. If you have a rigid devotion to one candidate and you, for example, thought that tattoos were “Anti-Hillary” then that would be a policy problem at WordPress and not something that we should be subjected to, right? There is nothing commercial allowed on our site yet WORDPRESS puts commercial ads on our site.

In light of the extensive news articles, like:

WORDPRESS getting sued for $100M for censorship efforts to shill political candidates and competitors