Third U.S. naval asset USS Nimitz moves towards the waters off North Korea

While it is rare for the U.S. military to deploy two carriers in the same region at the same time, it is almost unheard of to have three aircraft carriers in close proximity to each other absent current or imminent military action. Which may be the case soon as the third U.S. naval asset, the USS Nimitz (CVN-68) moved towards the waters off North Korea now joining the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) and the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)aircraft carriers. The alleged threat of North Korea’s growing nuclear and missile threat is seen as a major security challenge for President Trump, who has vowed to prevent the country from being able to strike the U.S. or Japan with a nuclear missile.

George Freidman is a Geopolitical Futures founder and is an advisor to both the military and the government as well as Fortune 500 companies. That is some serious fire power being moved into the waters off the coast of North Korea as well as those THAAD missile systems being moved into South Korea. Freidman published an article at his website “Why Russia Can’t End the North Korean Crisis” which strikes people as being odd. So Russia is held responsible for ending a crisis the U.S. started in the first place? Russia can’t solve the crisis so the U.S. will be potentially destroying North Korea and killing how many thousands of people to solve a crisis? The U.S. “solved a crisis” in Iraq and 13 years later there exists a bigger crisis in Iraq than there ever was before 2003. What appears to be happening here is that U.S. military and strategic planners have opened up three proxy fronts on Russia: North Korea; Ukraine; Syria.

Source: Business Insider

GEORGE FRIEDMAN: A US attack on North Korea is imminent

May 23, 2017

The US is preparing to attack North Korea, according to Geopolitical Futures founder George Friedman — setting the stage for a difficult, messy war with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Speaking Monday to a rapt audience at the 2017 Strategic Investment Conference in Orlando, Friedman said that while it was unlikely the US would take action before President Donald Trump returns home at the weekend, North Korea’s actions appeared to have “offered the US no alternative” to a clash.

According to Geopolitical Futures analysis, evidence is mounting that the enmity between the two is escalating to a point where war is inevitable.

Friedman said that on May 20, the USS Carl Vinson supercarrier and USS Ronald Reagan were both within striking distance of North Korea.

Additionally, more than 100 F-16 aircraft are conducting daily exercises in the area, a tactic that foreshadowed the beginning of Desert Storm in 1991.

F-35 aircraft have also been deployed to the area, and US government representatives are expected to brief Guam on civil defense, terrorism, and Korea on May 31.

All of these strategic moves telegraph one outcome — conflict.

Friedman’s decision to make public his focus on North Korea comes days after the secretive state’s latest ballistic missile launch. The UN Security Council condemned its “highly destabilizing behavior and flagrant and provocative defiance” of the organization.

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Kim Jong-un Yum-Yum, take cover dude, you’re in this ship’s cross hairs: