Japan getting nervous as the U.S. continues poking North Korea in the eye

It is obviously becoming more apparent to the Japanese that the US are goading North Korea even more with three US carrier groups of the North Korean Peninsula explaining why North Korea continues launching missiles out into the Sea of Japan. The Japanese have now asked that the Americans refrain from holding military exercises in Okinawa which seems to be more show of force to the North Koreans. Considering the political circumstances in Washington with circumstances surrounding Seth Rich, a whistleblower inside the Democratic National Committee (DNC) who was murdered last year and who was connected to the Clinton crime syndicate, the US continues lashing out to vector attention away from Washington. The last thing the Japanese would want is a war between the US and North Korea in their own back yard. The Japanese are probably saying to themselves, alright look, we think you guys have gone too far in goading North Korea, can you back off a bit please?

Source: Sputnik

Wakeup Call: Why is Japan’s Defense Minister Asking US to Cancel Okinawa Drills?

May 31, 2017

Japan’s Defense Minister Tomomi Inada has urged the US to call off the May 31 – June 1 parachute drills slated to be held on the country’s southern Okinawa Island.

“We asked the United States to cancel the drills and cancel notifications for aircraft. At the moment we have not got a US answer,” Inada said, as quoted by the NHK broadcaster.

Tomomi Inada also said that the Americans hadn’t given a seven-day prior notification of the exercise, which is part of the defense agreement currently existing between the two countries.

The island of Okinawa is the main site of US military presence in Japan within the framework of the US-Japan security treaty signed in 1951.

On May 15, 2015 the Okinawans celebrated 45 years since Japan regained control of their island.

The small island, which takes up a mere 0.6 percent of Japan’s landmass, hosts 74 percent of US military installations in the country and over 50 percent of US troops deployed in Japan.

US military bases take up a hefty 18 percent of the island’s territory, including farmlands.

Rapists, murderers, burglars

The presence of US troops has been repeatedly criticized by Okinawa’s residents due to a high number crimes committed by US military personnel, as well as because of US aircraft crashes in the vicinity of their airbases located on the island.

The rape of a 12-year-old local schoolgirl by three US Marines in 1995 set off a massive wave of nationwide protests with almost 90,000 people rallying in the streets of Japanese cities demanding justice for the culprits and changing the legal status of US military stationed in the country.

The Pentagon was forced to punish the three Marines and scale down the number of US troops on the island.

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