Encourage Softbank customers to drop Softbank and take your business elsewhere

SoftBank is a predatory corporation exploiting customers on their monthly charges for smart phone usage. Softbank was already warned about buying support for customers. SoftBank was practicing this buying support to keep rates high on monthly smart phone usage. Are you a SoftBank user? Why not seriously consider dropping Softbank and going to a SIM card arrangement with one of these new makers like Taiwan’s Asus for a monthly charge of around ¥3,000? You can get on the Asahi Internet project network and receive good updates and information on cheaper rates.

News reports of American SoftBank Chairman and CEO, Thomas Tull, saying that SoftBank’s Masayoshi has “built SoftBank into one of the world’s most respected companies”. That’s almost laughable and corporate self-promotion. Respected? By who? Does that also mean exploiting customers when SoftBank salesmen show up on your door trying to sell you their new line of internet connections but then not informing you of the costs of breaking contracts with other internet providers regardless if the two year contract is up or not? You don’t become one of the world’s “most respected companies” without using ruthless tactics on customers. My suggestion would be to boycott SoftBank.

SoftBank operating in India recently came up in the news when SoftBank had allegations brought against them from attorneys in India lingering over the past year about the conduct of top SoftBank executives, especially in India. SoftBank announced about one month ago it had taken a loss on $1.4 billion on investments. That to me is great news. Bite it SoftBank. The loss was said to be the result of largely being involved in startups in India. In March, 2017 a complaint was submitted to an Indian financial regulator purporting to identify financial malfeasance in those deals with SoftBank, including that current and former SoftBank executives received kickbacks connected with the investments.

If you have a contract with SoftBank my suggestion would be to not renew the contract and take your business elsewhere for far better service and cheaper monthly rates. Also, it should be known that NTT and SoftBank have merged on some parts of their businesses, so it wouldn’t surprise me that monthly costs for NTT will go up when SoftBank exploits certain aspects of NTT. And watch closely as SoftBank moves more into China. Far less of a highly regulated market making it perfect for SoftBank to exploit that market.