Japan’s whaling season ends

Check out the Japanese whaling vessel marked with “RESEARCH” to rationalize whale hunting in country where whale meat hasn’t been consumed on a large scale for over 70 years. Fishing ports in Japan pay money to their local politicians in Tokyo representing them so that employment in the fishing industry can be maintained. That seems to be the only criteria for hunting whales. At these fishing ports local politicians with locals have big festivals inviting locals to encourage whale meat eating. Hardly anyone in Japan eats whale meat anymore.

Source: news.com.au

Japan’s whaling season has come to an end with the country killing a total of 177 whales

September 27, 2017

THIS year’s controversial whaling season has come to an end, with Japan capturing and killing a total of 177 whales amid global outcry.

JAPAN has ended its whaling season in the north Pacific Ocean after capturing and killing 177 whales.

The number of whales killed had been previously stipulated for the hunt, which Japan says is carried out in the name of scientific research.

This year, 43 minke whales and 134 sei whales were killed, Japan’s fisheries ministry said.

Whaling is formally allowed in Japan despite an international moratorium banning the killing of whales for commercial purposes, in place since 1986, and repeated public protests against it.

This file photo shows a Japanese whaling ship leaving the port of Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi prefecture, western Japan to resume whale hunting in the Antarctic. Picture: AFPSource:AFP

Critics say Japan uses a loophole in the charter of the International Whaling Commission by claiming that the killings are carried out for research purposes.

Japan’s whaling activities have been harshly criticised by the international community and animal rights organisations who consider it covert commercial whaling as the meat is sold off after research.

A Japanese whaling program in Antarctica was ruled illegal in 2014 by the International Court of Justice for not meeting the criteria for scientific research as set down by the IWC.

Japan suspended the program for a few months and restarted after December when it amended the program, including a decision to reduce the volume of the catch.

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