Japan gets an Aegis Ashore land-based missile defense system

Japan can forget about any negotiating for control over the Sakalin Islands Russia currently controls considering this news that Japan is purchasing and deploying American-manufactured Aegis Ashore land-based missile defense systems as the rhetorical war on North Korea steps up in tone. Even though Putin visited Japan and that “new bilateral relations” have taken place, Japan continues to cause Russians to shake their heads knowing of course Japan kowtows to US policy. As Russia continues building relations with countries in the Pacific, Japan continues to bring into question Russian-Japan relations. This is specifically why Russia will not negotiate with Japan on the Sakhalin Islands. Russia knows if the islands were returned even partially to Japan, the japanese would allow American military assets on the Sakhalin Islands.

Source: Tass

Deployment of US missile defense systems in Japan to affect Moscow-Tokyo ties — diplomat

December 28, 2017

On December 19, the Japanese government made the decision to deploy two Aegis Ashore missile defense systems

MOSCOW, December 28./TASS/. The deployment of US-made Aegis Ashore land-based missile defense systems in Japan will affect ties of Moscow and Tokyo, including a dialogue on a peace treaty, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

Russia closely monitors deployment of US missile defenses in Japan, US and South Korea hold joint military drills amid tensions on Korean Peninsula Russia’s Tupolev-95MS escorted by US, Japanese jets over western Pacific Abe says Putin’s visit to Japan ushered in new era in bilateral relations

This decision by Tokyo causes “deep regrets and major concerns”. “We see this move by Japan as running counter to efforts to ensure peace and stability in the region,” she went on. “Such actions by Tokyo are directly at variance with the priority task to build trust in the military-political sphere between Russia and Japan and will negatively influence the general atmosphere in bilateral relations, including negotiations on a peace treaty,” the diplomat said.

“No matter what arguments and motives are cited to explain it [the decision], it is clear that the deployment of the above mentioned systems is yet another move towards creating a full-value Asian-Pacific regional segment of the US global missile defense system,” Zakharova said.

She mentioned that the systems are equipped with universal launchers that are also capable of using attack weapons. “In practice, this will mean a new violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty by the US with practical assistance from Japan,” Zakharova stressed.

On December 19, the Japanese government made the decision to deploy two Aegis Ashore missile defense systems in the north and southwest of the country’s main island of Honshu, tentatively in 2023. Japan maintains that they are aimed at securing the country against ballistic and maybe cruise missiles. These systems will be bought from the US and will cost Japan an equivalent of about $889 million each.

Here’s a demo of the US-manufactured Aegis Ashore land-based missile defense system: