Will There Ever Be Reconciliation Between North Korea and Japan?

Japan is in a tough position concerning its allegiance to the United States while at the same time trying to diplomatically with trade and commerce get long with its neighbors in the Pacific including North Korea. Official North Koren state propaganda hasn’t let up on its referring to Japan as nothing less than a “heinous war criminal state, populated by island barbarians and led by a kingpin of corruption”, referring to Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe. As these economic sanctions against North Korea continue, the US continues their pressure to prevent North and South Korea from merging at some point and probably very gradually. What probably has the North Koreans upset with Japan, is that North Korea has a close relationship with Iran including North Korea importing oil from Iran. So what does the government of Japan do under PM Shinzo Abe? Japan’s refiners have stopped buying Iranian oil ahead of sanctions placed against Iran by the US. The US has been trying to prevent oil from being imported by North Korea as part of their sanctions. Japan in their decision to stop buying Iranian oil is coming from US pressure on Japan.

Source: The Washington Post

Japan’s Abe finds himself on sidelines amid outreach with North Korea

By Simon Denyer • September 23 at 11:42 AM

TOKYO — As North Korean leader Kim Jong Un works the diplomatic channels from Seoul to Washington, one Asian leader finds himself out in the cold.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has repeatedly expressed his determination to meet Kim and “break the shell of mutual distrust.” So far there is nothing on the horizon.

Just the opposite, in fact.

North Korea’s propaganda machine has gone easy on the United States this year. But it has stepped up its vilification of Japan, sparing no opportunity to remind its citizens of Korea’s suffering under Japanese colonial rule in the decades before World War II.

Japan, North Korean state media argues, is nothing less than “heinous war criminal state,” populated by “island barbarians” and led by a “kingpin of corruption” who has done only evil deeds since taking power.

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