Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda returns to Japan

Six years ago Mika Yamamoto (山本 美香) was shot dead on August 20, August in Alleppo, Syria reporting on the international criminal conspiracy against Syria. Yamamoto (see image) was an award-winning Japanese video and photo journalist for the news agency Japan Press. Yamamoto was the first Japanese and fourth foreign journalist killed in the war against Syria fraudulently called a “civil war” by the media.

Japan confirmed Wednesday that Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda, who was captured by an armed group in Syria three years ago, has been released and has returned to Japan first through Turkey via Qatar. Turkey and Qatar are close diplomatically and Japan has a high level presence in Qatar with a fully staffed consulate which explains why Yasuda was brought to Qatar for his trip back to Japan. Jumpei Yasuda is extremely fortunate to have not been killed in Syria.

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Jumpei Yasuda speaks after release