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Richmond Berks is an international company that traces its history back to 2008. Two young businessmen John Richmond and Klint Berks met at an auction, fighting over one and the same lot. One year later together with two other brokers, they founded a company that specialized in purchases of real estate at auctions and its further resale in the secondary market.

In 2016, due to conflict of interests, Richmond and Berks sold their company shares and founded a new corporation – Richmond Berks. In order to increase its floating capital, the company implemented a cooperative strategy. Thus, anyone interested could take a share in auction bidding to earn profit from further real estate sales.

Implementing a new strategy marked a turning point in Richmond Berks development and has sharply increased their floating capital and opportunities. New partners have subsequently joined Richmond Berks. This has opened new prospects as well as gaining access to larger real estate transactions.

Richmond Berks’ clients will always tell you that investing in real estate is reliable, consistent and profitable. That is exactly why Richmond Berks continues to grow and expand. And we are not going to stop here, as it is hardly the limit of our possibilities!

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Partner with us at Richmond Berks and begin earning a substantial amount on your capital entrusted with Richmond Berks. Earn even more with the help of Richmond Berks’ affiliate system of Richmond Berks Ltd Company. You will get 10% profit from each deposit of your partners who signed up using your partnership link. And 5% profit from each deposit of your second-level partners.

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