The pop culture career of television talento Becky just got nuked (pun intended)

Becky, Japan TV talentoSeems like everything in Japan is getting nuked these days, all the way from the BoJ’s QE policy, to Fukushima to the career of the pop culture commercial commodity Becky. Not interested in reporting on the personal lives of television talento people from the wasteland of television in Japan, but this Becky woman who had an alleged sexual relationship with the married Enon Kawatani, 27, a vocalist in the popular band Gesu (never heard of this band and have no interest) no Kiwami Otome, needs a little more attention. Not because I really care one way or another about these people either. It’s this Enon Kawatani character. He apparently took Becky back to his hometown to meet his parents. This is something which is usually indicative of marriage in Japan. Did this Enon Kawatani indicate to Becky he would be getting a divorce and did he make marriage promises to Becky? At 31, Becky was probably thinking her commercial stardom in Japan wouldn’t last forever. Becky just kissed away millions in contracts. Enon Kawatani, why didn’t you establish your divorce first in the courts before you started messing around with Becky? Once it escalates it’s too late. Originally, I thought this would blow over in a year or so and she would be back on television and doing lucrative television commercials for corporate Japan, but I was wrong. Her television career as a TV talento is over. Given the fact that people in the entertainment and pop culture market in Japan can be extremely vindictive and nasty, I hope someone is watching over Becky if she decides to go suicidal? Strip away all the shallow veneer of this shit pop culture here and I bet this Becky woman is a pretty sweet girl on the inside.

Source: Global Voices

Japanese TV Personality’s Career Demolished After Affair With Married Musician

28 January 2016

Becky and Enon KawataniTelevision personality Becky (L) and singer Kawatani Enon (R). Main captions, from upper left: Adultery update! LINE chat leaked just before planned public apology… BUT WHY? Image from YouTube.

Japanese television personality Becky (ベッキー, Bekkī) experienced a stunning reversal of fortune earlier in January when tabloid media reported that she was having an affair with Enon Kawatani, 27, a vocalist in the popular band Gesu no Kiwami Otome.

As details of the affair became the subject of daytime talk shows and social media chatter throughout the month, Becky found herself dumped entirely as a television host, with her lucrative television commercial contracts torn up as well.

Up to ten commercial sponsors have said they will not renew their contracts with Becky on January 31. Meanwhile, Kawatani is still scheduled to appear with his band, Gesu no Kiwani Otome, on popular television program Music Station to promote a new album due to be released in February.

Becky, 31, has been a popular presence on Japanese television since 1999. With a British father and a Japanese mother, Becky is known for being a lively and virtuous hafu (as people of mixed ancestry are known in Japan) television personality, or “talent” (tarento). Due to her energy, cheerfulness and squeaky-clean image, Becky is said to have appeared in more television commercials than any other tarento in Japan.

In fact, much of social media vitriol has been directed at Becky, while Kawatani seems to be regarded as as wayward accomplice.

A reverse image-search using Becky’s Twitter profile photo comes up with the image search suggestion “Becky, a partner in an illicit love affair” ( ベッキー 不倫 相手).”


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  1. Becky will be back on the variety show circuit with new sponsors in less than a year. And she will have transitioned her image from a little girl who plays with puppies to a strong, free-spirited, independant young woman who does what she wants with whom she wants. She will be loved by a whole new group of people. She might not be as big, but her time with the old image had kind of already run its course anyway. This is all planned and being carefully staged by her handlers. Far from nuked.

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